Sustainability Tip #8

Those Who Plant Trees Under Whose Shade They Will Never Sit Understand Life Plant a tree. What type of tree? Start with what grows locally and grows fast. Young trees absorb CO2 as they grow. Trees cleans our air, absorb heat, prevents erosion, provides wildlife habitats, and rebalances our soil. If planting a tree is… Continue reading Sustainability Tip #8

Sustainability Tip #7

What to say to the Climate Change Deniers Some people argue for the status quo. They demand to stay on the same course. They think the threat of climate change is BS. They claim that the history of our planet has naturally cycled through temperatures of highs and lows. Coincidently, many of the same people… Continue reading Sustainability Tip #7

Sustainability Tip #6

A few years ago, my lavender bushes used to be swarming with bees. But now it is bee-less. This disappearance is a wake-up call to everyone. Without the bees, the world will not survive as we know it. Bees have been declared The Most Important Living Being on Earth. They are now on the endangered… Continue reading Sustainability Tip #6

Sustainability Tip #5

Capsule Wardrobe Inspired by Laura de Jong, a capsule wardrobe expert. She writes: “WHAT IS A CAPSULE WARDROBE? A capsule wardrobe is based on the idea of having a limited number of quality garments in your closet. Items that fit you well, are timeless, fit your personality and fit your lifestyle. Fewer items doesn’t mean… Continue reading Sustainability Tip #5

Sustainability Tip #4

When purchasing products, if you cannot find them pre-owned, check if the materials used are recycled or biodegradable. Check if the manufacturer is eco-friendly or socially responsible. There are companies that plant trees for every sale made or make a donation to charity or nonprofits. Find corporations that are socially responsible. Shop at stores and… Continue reading Sustainability Tip #4

Sustanibility Tip # 2

Donate your clothes and paraphernalia that have served their purpose with you. How do you decide which clothes to donate? Use this Marie Kondo method: Take all your clothes and hang them on hangers with the hook facing out. After you wear them, hang them back with the hook facing in. Do this for a… Continue reading Sustanibility Tip # 2

Sustainability Tip #1

GO THRIFTING… Instead of buying new, buy it used. This action will reduce the amount of garbage on our planet. Producing new products generates greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. Go shopping at a thrift store, garage sale, flea market, or eBay. Other benefits are, you can find beautiful retro or vintage clothes with even… Continue reading Sustainability Tip #1

Zero-Waste Holiday Gift

Happy holidays my friends. This year’s gift-giving intention is pro-environment and zero-waste. These gifts are focused on reducing our plastic consumption. Instead of wrapping paper, tape and ribbon, I used Furoshiki wraps. These are square-shaped Japanese traditional wrapping cloths. To stay with the eco-friendly theme, I used 100% cotton fabric, purchased at JoAnne Fabric and… Continue reading Zero-Waste Holiday Gift

Water Saving Holiday Gift Idea

Conserving water is paramount. If everyone made even one or two water-wise changes, it would help. Here are some examples of what you can do: 1. Bucket, pot or plastic garbage bin to collect shower water especially when you are waiting for it to warm up. This water can be used water plants or mop… Continue reading Water Saving Holiday Gift Idea