Welcome to East-West Integrative Medicine

Symptoms like fatigue, chronic pain, headaches, depression, anxiety, lack of focus, insomnia, forgetfulness, gut issues may indicate energy imbalances.

By evaluating the connections between your Body, Mind and Spirit with both western and eastern approaches to your health and wellness, we can help you move away from having “Pain” defining your life.

Your healing involves managing of your whole health, focusing on more than just the pain. Eastern medicine involves correcting energy imbalances, blocks, weaknesses and vulnerabilities. The Chinese call this energy Chi, your life force. By using the principles of the Classical Five Elements and Polyvagal Theory, we can open your energy channels, disperse negative energy and then focus on rebuilding. When your Chi is stuck or not flowing correctly, you feel unwell.

When your spirit is strong, your body and mind can heal. It can help you reach a higher level of consciousness by understanding yourself. Help you gain clarity beyond your emotions: a sense of peace, inspiration and purpose. Our goal is to help you feel better within yourself and to live your life true and authentic to who you were meant to be. Help you function at your best.

Please contact us , we will dedicate the time to help you feel better.

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