Sustainability Tip #7

What to say to the Climate Change Deniers

Cartoon image of a city.

Some people argue for the status quo. They demand to stay on the same course. They think the threat of climate change is BS. They claim that the history of our planet has naturally cycled through temperatures of highs and lows. Coincidently, many of the same people have a financial interest in fossil fuels. Many are older and they are uncomfortable thinking about a future in which they will not be participants. Ego-driven, with no skin in the game people, cannot see beyond themselves. Many cannot be bothered to consider the world they are leaving their grandchildren. Many cannot fathom the shift they would have to make because their cognition cannot cope. Sadly, it takes being near the end of life to realize that the whole concept of ownership ultimately is meaningless. Some are living a life in crisis mode and any shift will push them into the abyss. At least that is the fear. For whatever reason, they cannot see that sustainable ideas are to make the world better. They continue to deny what is happening around us. Extreme climate patterns, droughts, wildfires, temperatures so hot airplanes can’t take off or tolerate violent turbulence as a result of wind pattern changes, and destruction of wildlife.

But look at the data- never did the rate of temperature rise increase as quickly as it is now and at the same time, the planet has nearly an unprecedented 8 billion mouths to feed.

We have or will soon cross a boundary of no return. Fortunately, as time passes, the number of deniers will dwindle.

Hopefully, this will give you some talking points when someone denies climate change.

What gives me hope are the brilliant and dedicated younger generations who are fighting for their future. A new wave has started.

How long can you hold your breath while counting your money?

There is no planet B.



Gen Z, Millennials Stand Out for Climate Change Activism, Social Media Engagement With Issue

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