Sustainability Tip #13

Connecting with planet Earth.

To have a sustainable planet, not only do we need to take care of our Earth, we need to take care of ourselves. Both our bodies and our minds need to be sustainable.

By not connecting with the Earth, we can build up energy that makes us feel off balance.

We are ultimately containers of energy. We build up electrical charges in our bodies that are meant to be discharged and equalized with the Earth’s electrical charge. Connecting with the Earth is one of the ways nature naturally supports us.

Many of us walk around for days without touching the Earth. We walk on synthetic flooring materials such as carpeting, vinyl, plastic, etc. Our footwear has synthetic soles.

We need to physically touch the Earth or an organic material that is physically touching the earth.

Here are some methods to equalize our electrical charge with the Earth. Walk barefoot on a beach or lawn or lay down on the grass on a 100% cotton towel or other natural materials like a wool blanket. Avoid synthetics. Petting our dogs would also create an exchange of energy. Our dogs walk directly on the ground.

Another favorite earthing technique is hugging a tree.

Tree-hugging has the additional benefit of aligning our chakras which can help us feel more relaxed.

The first step to tree-hugging is find a suitable tree to hug.

Ideally, pick a tall, vertical tree with healthy, smooth bark, nothing peeling. Avoid dead bark. The idea is for the tree’s energy to balance your Chakras’ energy. Best to wear natural fabric clothing.

Old-growth trees that have been grounded deep into the Earth by their long roots are excellent choices.

Once you select your tree, you need to ask your tree permission if it wants a hug. It shows respect for the tree and nature.

Stand a few feet away from the tree, with your arms at your side, open palms facing the tree, and look up. Ask your tree if you can hug it. Wait until the answer is clear.

The tree in the photo is a Gingko tree. Gingkos grow straight and tall with smooth enough bark. Quite huggable.

Beware: one time, my friend did not ask permission from her tree. She got a spider bite right in the center of her forehead. That tree did not want to be hugged.

Proceed only when granted permission. Place your hands around the tree with one hand at your neck height level and the other hand at the height of your lower back. Put your third eye or forehead on the trunk. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and naturally.

Keep this stance until your third eye sees the color of the inside of the tree. This is the exchanging of energy with your front Chakras. The process of tree-hugging can be meditative and calming.

Once you feel the color of the inside of the tree, part one is complete.

For part two, turn around and put your back against the tree. Extend you arms backward to hug the tree, with your hands in loose fists. This is exchanges energy with your back Chakras.

The best time to tree-hug is early in the morning when the Earth’s energy is just waking up, and the sun’s energy is not yet shining on the top of your head.

If you can, practice this at least once a week.

Tree-hugging: a carbon-neutral way of sustaining your Body, Mind ,and Spirit.

Note that this blog is meant for entertainment and in no way meant to give any medical advice, diagnosis or treat. Everyone’s situation is different. Please seek help from your health care provider if needed.

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