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Water Saving Holiday Gift Idea

Wrapped Gift Box

Conserving water is paramount.

If everyone made even one or two water-wise changes, it would help. Here are some examples of what you can do:

1. Bucket, pot or plastic garbage bin to collect shower water especially when you are waiting for it to warm up. This water can be used water plants or mop the floors.

2. Shorter showers. Even one minute shorter helps.

3. Do not leave faucet running when brushing teeth.

4. Install touch free photosensitive faucets. Turns on and off automatically. Plus more hygienic.

5. Use grey water from rinsing dishes or laundry to water yard plants.

6. Only run dishwasher or washing machine with full loads.

7. Put some river rocks into the toilet tank. This makes each flush use less water. Maybe unnecessary with newer water saving toilets.

8. Toilet Tank Top Faucet.

No. 8 is probably the most intriguing on the list. Here is how it works.

I purchased my easy to install Toilet Tank Top Faucet from Amazon.

This is how it works. Incoming water goes thru a sprout-like faucet before going back into the tank, This fresh clean water is ideal to wash your hands. My Toilet Tank Top Faucet took less than 20 minutes to install.

The amount of water it took to wash my hands was about 750 ml or 3 cups. If the toilet is flushed 10 times a day, then there is a savings of about 30 cups which is close to 2 gallons of water. Every little bit saved helps.

You do not want to wash any other material into the toilet tank besides the germs related to toileting. You do not want to create scum in the tank. You can scrub clean your sink but not likely the inside of a toilet tank.

A quick backsplash can be made with 3M Command Hooks to hang a towel.

A Toilet Tank Topper Faucet would be a wonderful Holiday gift.

Be conscious of how you use water. It is a precious resource that we cannot live without.

We are in this together. This earth is our only home. There is no backup.

How the Toilet Tank Top Faucet works


About once a month, I turn off the water source. Then after the next flush or two, tank will be empty. I pour in some white vinegar and let it sit in tank for 30 minutes or overnight. This helps to clear out residue and sanitize.

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