My Friend the Black Widow

Just found this Black Widow living right in the middle of my pantry about knee height. When ever I go in, she retreats (thank goodness). She will take care of the Meal Moths which are a nuisance . Spiders live where they can find bugs. No bugs no spiders. She is a blessing ’cause those moths get into everything. Glad to share my home with her.


1 thought on “My Friend the Black Widow”

  1. I recently had problems with “pantry moths” although I don’t have a pantry. It was coming from two drawers where I keep grains, popcorn and beans. It took me awhile to figure it out then I thought by eliminating the source, or what I thought was the source, I would be rid of them but it took a lot longer than I thought. I found a moth killer spray at The Container Store and I used some that may have helped too. I think the weather plays a role and of course keeping grains too long.
    Years ago I had a bigger problem with them when I had a big bag of bird seed in a coat closet. It took me a while to figure out again where they were coming from. We were just feeding the squirrels anyway, but be careful not to store to much bird seed either.
    In any case I’m sure I would NOT let a Black Widow spider live in my house no matter what.


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