Coco Aminos Tofu, Beets and Fennel

The SAD (Standard American Diet) is sad because it is unhealthy. I encourage everyone to be plant-based. Most people say they can’t live without their meat. But please remember even more so, you can’t live without your plants. Plants have so many healthy phytochemicals and nutrients to help maintain weight and prevent disease.

This is what I commonly hear too: “What, I got to eat Tofu?” Tofu can be really tasty. It’s my kids favorite food. They started eating it as babies.

I like recipes that are simple and quick: that I can just put together off the top of my head. So I rarely measure anything (unless I am baking cookies or cakes).


-Oil- avocado or coconut

-Fennel bulbs – cut into wedges (8 per bulb), make sure when you cut the hard core to not cut all of it out so your wedges will not fall apart (if you never prepared fennel b4- here is a nice link

-Vegetable broth

-Salt and Pepper

-Sprouted Organic Tofu, crumbled into small pieces

-Garlic (buy pre chopped to save time)

-Coco Aminos sauce

IMG_4512– Nutritional Yeast AKA Brewer’s Yeast. Tastes a like a mild cheese.

– Beets, ready to eat, sliced ( I brought mine from Costco.  Beets contain nitric oxide – helps protect brain)

Preheat oven to 350.

Use a pan that can be placed both on stove and in oven (no plastic parts).

Heat oil over medium high heat. Add fennel wedges to brown on both sides, lowering heat to prevent burning. Once browned add vegetable broth to cover fennel about 50%. Add salt ad pepper. Bring to boil. Remove from heat. Cover and put in oven for 15minutes.

Meanwhile, heat some oil in a frying pan like you did for fennel above. Add garlic. Stir it around a bit then add Tofu. Stir fry until lightly browned. Remove from pan. Cool. Then stir in Coco Aminos and Nutritional Yeast. By not heating the Coco Aminos, it helps to preserve the probiotics.

The Fennel wedges should be ready by now.

Serve together on plate: Tofu, fennel and beets.

Bon Appétit 🙂

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