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Zero-Waste Holiday Gift

Happy holidays my friends. This year’s gift-giving intention is pro-environment and zero-waste. These gifts are focused on reducing our plastic consumption. Instead of wrapping paper, tape and ribbon, I used Furoshiki wraps. These are square-shaped Japanese traditional wrapping cloths. To stay with the eco-friendly theme, I used 100% cotton fabric, purchased at JoAnne Fabric and… Continue reading Zero-Waste Holiday Gift

Water Saving Holiday Gift Idea

Conserving water is paramount. If everyone made even one or two water-wise changes, it would help. Here are some examples of what you can do: 1. Bucket, pot or plastic garbage bin to collect shower water especially when you are waiting for it to warm up. This water can be used water plants or mop… Continue reading Water Saving Holiday Gift Idea

Qi Gong Infinity Breath 

The Dao that can be named is not the Dao This vlog is a simple guided Qi Gong breathing exercise that helps relax and calm the mind. You can do this by standing, sitting, or lying down. Use the position that is most comfortable for you. If sitting on a chair – make sure your… Continue reading Qi Gong Infinity Breath 

What To Do With Privilege

Do you feel privileged? Should there be privileged? Being privileged implies you were born with societal advantage(s). Some examples of privilege in America are skin color, race, gender, intelligence, athleticism, and the amount of money your parents have.  Which culture you are born in makes a difference too. For instance, Warren Buffet said, if he… Continue reading What To Do With Privilege

Rejection and Hope

These two commercial buildings inspired this blog. While traveling in Australia, I saw “The Reject Shop”. It made me laugh in the way that when you say, “you are kidding”, in unbelief. It is possible, that, that was the marketing plan – to shock. Imagine a retail store with a name like this America. Our… Continue reading Rejection and Hope

Happy Feet

Eons ago, men were the first to wear high heels. Hooking the heels into the stirrups provided stability while saddled on a horse. Much like our cowboy boots or our bicycle clips and pedals. Today, the purpose of high heels is mainly sexual. Men claim to be more attracted to a woman in high heels.… Continue reading Happy Feet

Toxic People Survival Tips: Be Empowered by Facing your Fears

Part 2 of: Dealing with Toxic People Over the Holidays Encounters with toxic people, especially relatives, is a complicated topic. You are invited to a party you want to attend, but the toxic person who is also going will provoke unnecessary anxiety. Social norms use to be to tolerate the abuse from them. Thanks to… Continue reading Toxic People Survival Tips: Be Empowered by Facing your Fears

What to consider before posting a negative online review

A dentist cannot have a successful practice without a great hygienist. Several years ago, my dentist, an older man with a large-sized abdomen and cigarette breath, came in to perform his biannual routine examination during a dental hygiene appointment. He never spoke much, but the few words he did say were in a falsetto-like tone… Continue reading What to consider before posting a negative online review

Planned Acts of Kindness

“Do something outside yourself… something that makes life a little better for people less fortunate than you.” — RBG 2012 In tribute to RBG: Planned Acts of Kindness Everyday I make it a point to let someone pass in front of me in traffic (especially at the on ramp between 405 and 101). It makes me feel… Continue reading Planned Acts of Kindness

Potential Causes of Trauma


Happy Box

During this Covid19 shelter in place pandemic, I had the time to clean up my house. I found 3 boxes of things I kept from my childhood. While going thru my memorabilia, it occurred to me there is a real possibility that I could die from Covid19. Looking at all my stuff, I asked “What… Continue reading Happy Box

Toxic Shopping Cart Cleaner Alternatives and Homemade Hand Sanitizer (Updated 07/05/2020)

At my local Trader Joe’s and Sprouts the Cart Cleaning Wipes contain “Quats”. I see people using these toxic wipes to wipe themselves down too! What if it is a pregnant woman using this? What if a baby touches this and then puts his or hands in their mouths? What if you are the next person… Continue reading Toxic Shopping Cart Cleaner Alternatives and Homemade Hand Sanitizer (Updated 07/05/2020)

How to Sanitize and care for Your Homemade Reusable Mask (updated 04/30/2020)

PART 3 Cleaning your reusable mask properly will be important. You want to retains its effectiveness for as long as possible. Having the removable insert will definitely help the mask’s longevity. Covid19 virus is much more stable in the environment than other viruses which makes it highly contagious. Aerosolized Covid is detectable in the air… Continue reading How to Sanitize and care for Your Homemade Reusable Mask (updated 04/30/2020)

N95 and Surgical Face Masks Effectiveness Against Viral Infections

During this COVID19 pandemic, proper face masks are difficult to find or outrageously expensive. So why not make your own? As I embarked on my journey to make face masks to donate to health care providers, I wanted to know how much protection face masks actually provide against respiratory viral infections, (part 1), which videos… Continue reading N95 and Surgical Face Masks Effectiveness Against Viral Infections

Part 4: A Must See

National Museum of African American History and Culture For 3 years, I tried to see the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC). First attempt, while in DC I tried to get same day tickets but my hotel wifi too slow and weekend tickets were in high demand, tickets were literally gone in… Continue reading Part 4: A Must See

Finding the Perfect Gift

A Holiday Inspiration: Expanding Your Happiness What is a gift? A gift can be a natural talent, an emotion like joy, an object or a service. By discovering your own gifts you are better able to give a gift to another. I was inspired to write this because of the holiday season and at the… Continue reading Finding the Perfect Gift

Olive Oil Secrets

World’s oldest Olive trees are found in Greece with estimated age between 2000-3000 years old. Drought tolerance, disease and fire resistance has contributed to their longevity. We toured the The Governor Olive Mill on Corfu, Greece.  This particular farm grew the olive variety Lianolia, native to Corfu. It has the reputation of producing an exceptional… Continue reading Olive Oil Secrets

Fabulous Greece

Our summer trip to Greece was fabulous. We saw the country from the comfort of a 7 day Princess Mediterranean and Aegean cruise ( I know purists will criticize a cruise is not really visiting Greece. But it is what it is). We started in Rome and ended in Athens. The ship was clean and… Continue reading Fabulous Greece

Medicare for All: Been There

With all this talk about Medicare for All going on, I thought now is a good time present this. It is a myth that “Medicare For All (MFA)”, will cost more. If you do the math, it would actually cost less. Gone will be high paycheck deductions and employer contributions to private insurance companies. Any… Continue reading Medicare for All: Been There

Vegan Shaming 🙁

I recently hosted a 12 person dinner party with the following Vegan Menu: Appetizers– Tomato salsa, guacamole, organic blue corn chips, olives, crackers w vegan cream cheese topped with Seaweed Roe and Habanero salsa, grapes strawberries, popcorn, dark chocolate almonds Main Dish – Homemade vegan burgers with these side dishes: Eggplant Moju, Pumpkin Curry and… Continue reading Vegan Shaming 🙁

Step by step guide for Successful Dinner Party for 8-12 people

This blog is a step by step guide to hosting a successful 4 hour dinner party. Make everyone feel special by considering your guests’ dietary needs like food allergies, intolerances, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, Kosher, lactose free, gluten free, etc. You can ask this question in the invitation. You want to be inclusive of everyone’s needs… Continue reading Step by step guide for Successful Dinner Party for 8-12 people

Iodine in our Diets and Cancer Risk

Unfortunately, most Americans are not getting enough Iodine. It is important to get the correct amount because it affects your thyroid function therefore your metabolism. Plus Iodine may help reduce the risk of our most frequent cancers: breast and prostate. (1) Prior to 1920’s, around the Great Lakes, Appalachians and Northwest were known as the… Continue reading Iodine in our Diets and Cancer Risk

Chinese “I Will Crazy”

Saw this on vacation. Couldn’t stop laughing. Sometimes in the chaos, I feel like “I will crazy” too.

California Recycling Pays

Getting kids involved with recycling has so many positives. Environmental awareness. The future of the planet is in their hands. The responsibility of a job. Appreciate the value of money. Interacting with the public as a business person. It’s equivalent to a “paper route”. Years ago, kids would go door to door delivering newspapers to their… Continue reading California Recycling Pays

Stephen Hawking 1942-2018

That quote says it all. Despite living with crippling ALS his whole adult life, he never gave up. He was a brilliant scientist, achieving such greatness. Let him be an inspiration for us all. Be back in April with more recipes. Busy studying for some exams this month…

Take care of Dry Winter Hands

Remember my rule of don’t put anything on your skin that you would not eat. Ultimately anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. These natural Lip Balms with organic ingredients make great finger and hand moisturizers.  They go on thick. Easy to carry around because they are compact. Good for chapped… Continue reading Take care of Dry Winter Hands

Test your level of Empathy

The original title of this blog entry was “Happy Holidays Everyone: Please watch this inspirational video”. But now that the holidays are over, I am going to recycle it. You can use this video to test your level of empathy. Even though I have watched this video multiple times, I still get teary eyes every… Continue reading Test your level of Empathy

How to plan your own tour: my experience for our Australia and New Zealand vacation July 2017

Every year,  we try to visit a new place on the planet. We get to appreciate a different culture, learn about history and geography. The whole process is extremely educational which can be meditative in itself. This year we decided to see the Aussie Great Barrier Reef and the Kiwi Glow Worms. We wanted to… Continue reading How to plan your own tour: my experience for our Australia and New Zealand vacation July 2017

My Friend the Black Widow

Just found this Black Widow living right in the middle of my pantry about knee height. When ever I go in, she retreats (thank goodness). She will take care of the Meal Moths which are a nuisance . Spiders live where they can find bugs. No bugs no spiders. She is a blessing ’cause those… Continue reading My Friend the Black Widow

I love this mindfulness video

Makes me wonder if the opposite is also true..if someone “practices” anger, hate, discrimination, racism etc, does that becomes stronger too? How do we put a stop the latter to become a happier society?

365 Give to be Happy

I saw this inspiring Youtube video.  I am going to do this with my kids and challenge you all to do it too. It’s just what our community and country needs right now. Love it!  

Coping with anxiety

Anxiety can stem from feeling things are out of your control, events happening around you that you have no influence to make it better….you know stuff like that. One way to cope is to reframe it. Make it something funny like SNL. It’s like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It’s like training for a sport. Practice positive… Continue reading Coping with anxiety

New thoughts about Depression

I like how Marianne Williamson views depression. Depressed people are society’s bellwether. Like the canary in the coal mine. They tell us that something is wrong. We need to support them. See the link to Marie TV interview with her below- This is a powerful prayer that she wrote: Dear God, I surrender to you… Continue reading New thoughts about Depression

Garbage in Garbage out

Two reasons to eat properly. To avoid excess Calories and maintain ideal your weight. Recognize what is a normal  portion size for height and ideal weight. Majority of people eat way too much. I don’t think people think about portions, they just eat until they can’t eat anymore (more about this later). Over weight/ obesity results… Continue reading Garbage in Garbage out

Why be Plant Based (Vegan)?

Some people say its so unnatural to be vegan. They look at me if I am crazy or something. Here are my top 3 reasons to be vegan … Health, Humanity and Compassion Health – It reduces inflammation which in turn reduces many of our modern day chronic diseases Humanity – It reduces global warming… Continue reading Why be Plant Based (Vegan)?

Afraid of Heights

The photo is definitely not me but it looks impressive. I am afraid of heights. To those of us who are afraid of heights, we are sensitive people. When I am standing high and looking down, I feel the potential energy pull at me, like it wants me to fall. Its quite a visceral feeling.… Continue reading Afraid of Heights


I recently became vegan or AKA “plant based diet”. Vegan, I guess is too hippie-ish and could turn some people off??? Anyway, it has been life changing. I wanted to share how and why I made this transition with you because it is so healthful. When I talk about this to people, many are doubtful… Continue reading Introduction

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