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Easy Vegan Dinner #2

This dinner takes about 10 mins to make.IMG_3037

Needs to get these ingredients together from Trader Joe’s and some basics from Costco.

Prepare Carrots as per package but bake convection oven at 400deg for about 8 mins to brown carrots. Then Microwave covered for about 2 minute to soften (depends on wattage of your microwave). Salt and Pepper optional.

Then for stir fry –

Add to frying pan, olive oil, garlic, ginger, stir a little and add veggies, and sliced sausage. Keep on medium – low heat, stirring as needed to prevent from burning.

Meanwhile in microwave heat up rice and use Coconut Aminos to season to taste.

Easy Vegan Dinner #1


IMG_3010You can make this in 10 mins- I was at Costco and bought these 3 things-

Potato and Spinach Pierogies, Korean Gondre Herb Rice and precooked Beets


I pan fried the Pierogies with avocado oil over medium heat, covered, 4 minutes on each side with a splash of water in the last minute to steam and soften a bit.

The Rice was heated in microwave. Beets sliced and served cold.  It was deliciously simple!

You might think this is cheating because I did not make everything from scratch. But it is still higher quality food than fast food, and you know the ingredients. This meal not as expensive as restaurant food, saves time because a trip to restaurant takes more time than you think, and finally you can certainly have food delivered but there is an energy carbon foot print cost to that if it is a gasoline powered car (plus some electric car depending on how the electricity is generated). The amount of foods that I bought is enough for several meals too.


California Recycling Pays

Getting kids involved with recycling has so many positives.

  1. Environmental awareness. The future of the planet is in their hands.
  2. The responsibility of a job.
  3. Appreciate the value of money.
  4. Interacting with the public as a business person. It’s equivalent to a “paper route”. Years ago, kids would go door to door delivering newspapers to their neighbors. Now our kids can potentially collect bottles from their neighbors, businesses in the neighborhood, etc
  5. They could donate the money they raise to a local charity or earn some spending money.

The California Refund Value bottles are worth in California  5 to 10 cents. Five cents for under 24 oz size and 10 cents for bottles greater than 24 oz. Although I have not found this to be consistent. Some of the bigger bottles (>24 oz) have CRV of 5 cents. This means you deposited 5 cents when you bought them, but since they are bigger and heavier, you receive more back for that 5 cent spent when you return them by weight.

Here is summary of our most recent transaction at Nexcycle Recycling Center.

We had 27 Aluminum cans: deposited 27  x 5 cents =  $1.35  -> Received $1.76

We had 62 Plastic bottles: deposited 61 x 5 cents =  $3.05  ->Received $6.40

We had 54 Glass bottles: deposited 54 x 5cents =  $2.70  -> Received $3.16

Please keep the bottle tops on. They need to be recycled too. Animals can choke on the caps. Additionally,  the caps add to weight of the bottles so you get a little more money ;).

Generic glass and plastic bottles have a value too. Much less but worth it.

See below for the Price per pound. These prices are set by the State.

Happy Recycling!





Victory Vegan Burgers for the 4th or anytime


Makes about 4 burgers – I doubled the recipe to have extra later in the week.


1 can of green jackfruit, drained and rinsed

1 L of vegetable broth

1/3 Cup Chickpea/Garbanzo Flour (Sprouts had this)

1/3  Cup chopped red onions

1 tsp of grated Ginger

2 tsp minced Garlic

1/4 Cup Cilantro, chopped

1 tsp of Curry powder

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp Sriracha Sauce (optional)

1/2 tsp salt

Ground Black Pepper to taste

1 tbsp. of avocado oil

Coconut oil spray for pan / grill and to spray buns

Burger buns ( used TJ Whole Wheat Slims – photo below)

Condiments of your choice – see below for suggestions


1. Boil the green jackfruit in enough veggie broth till fork tender. Drain the water and transfer to a food processor along with the chickpea/garbanzo flour, chopped onions, grated ginger, garlic, cilantro, curry powder, paprika, Sriracha, salt and black pepper and a tablespoon of avocado oil.

Give food processor a few pulses till everything comes together. Don’t over blend or the texture will be like a smoothie! Keep it the texture of ground meat. See below for a picture.

2. Take the patty mix out and place in a bowl. Add little more chickpea flour if the mix feels too sticky. Shape into patties (about ⅓ cup each) and chill for about 30 minutes in the fridge.

3. Heat pan sprayed with coconut oil.  Fry the patties for about 2 to 3 minutes on each side until desired brown.

4. Spray the undersides of the hamburger buns with coconut spray. Toast on same skillet (if you have room do it at the same time)

5. Serve with buns and condiments – see below for suggestions

Condiments Baby lettuce, mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut.

Happy 4th everyone!

Coconut Lentil Soup with Roasted Golden Beets and Mango Slaw


This recipe is only going to work easily if you have a Trader Joe’s near by. You could make everything from scratch but that would take much more than the 5 minutes it takes to make this meal.

Mix about 1/2 cup of canned coconut milk (note this is not the coconut milk substitute for drinking but the cooking coconut milk that comes in a can) to the 20 ounces of Lentil Soup (this soup also comes in a tetra box). The amount of coconut milk depends on your personal taste. You can start with 1/4 cup, taste it and then add more if you want.

Add 1/4-1/2 tsp of turmeric (optional). Mix well. Put into a glass or ceramic bowl. Microwave until desired temp.

Mango slaw just toss together. TJ Beets are ready to eat. I served it cold, but could be warmed too.

Dessert: Watermelon.


Bon Appetite!


Metal Straws Help Your Teeth

Another super great benefit of metal straws is they can help keep you teeth white. Because they are metal, you can use them with hot or cold drinks.

You want to use a straw with drinks like tea, coffee, colorful juices and sodas. That way the teeth staining drink bypasses your teeth. You can’t really do this with a plastic straw because the plastic can soften or melt and add a plastic taste to your drink. Worse, a lot more of the plastic chemical leaches into your drink with the higher temps. Not healthful.

Another advantage is the metal straw doubles as a great stirrer too.

We never think of drinking our hot drinks with a straw. But now we are! New trend people….

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A hack to Cleaning Metal Straws

Many municipalities are banning plastic straws. These straws are not recycled and end up in land fills and or whales’ noses. Also, there is a big island of plastic waste accumulating in the Pacific and as that big island of plastic grows, soon we will be able to drive to Hawaii (!).

Not using plastic straws is a small thing that we each can do (if we all do a small thing collectively, it really ends up being a big thing). Instead, we can use reusable metal straw. Benefit for environment and less plastic exposure to you because plastic in the straw can leach into your food. Safety advice: never use a metal straw while driving – the metal could pierce your brain or other organs if you were in a motor vehicle accident…

The metal straws I bought come with a tiny cleaning straw. But I can promise you that my kids are not going to do that. I mean they may have good intentions to clean them out but the reality is it does not happen. have a time brush.

Here are the steps to easily clean your straws:

  • After use, keep soaked in water.
  • Get a left over plastic container from when you buy strawberries/blueberries or other produce.
  • Cut out a corner from the lid to fit the bottom of your dishwashing utensil basket. Good to use the curved edges. There usually are few holes in the plastic already. These holes will be the drain holes.  If not enough holes you can punch in a few more. You need this plastic bottom cover and curved edge. Without it, the straws will fall out of the basket.
  • Put the metal straws in straight side up. This maximizes the water going into the straw.
  • Use only natural dishwasher detergent. This avoids the chemical residues left on your dishes and in the straws from the bigger brand dishwashing detergents. I also avoid rinsing agents too. But if your water is really hard, get something natural. We don’t don’t need to be consuming these undisclosed chemicals and our lakes and rivers don’t need them either.*
  • Voila. Clean enough straws to use again.



  • *Please note when I switched to a more natural cleaning detergent, I soaked my cutlery right after use esp if I were not going to run a load of dishes right away. If I did not do this, the food would dry and harden on the cutlery and would not necessary wash off. See my picture below…ugly containers because they are recycled but does the job.  I add a little vinegar to the water in the containers to keep them smelling fresh. Bonus is your cutlery is pre sorted. Keep them sorted as you put them into the individual baskets. This makes it much easier to put them into the drawer once washed. Remember to put the spoons and forks facing up (cleans better) and knives always pointed downwards. I was once at a party where the hostess bent over to get some dishes out of dishwasher and cut her eye brow on  a knife that was pointed up. I had to sew her up(!)
  • Addendum  – After a few weeks, a sharp knife put a hole in my plastic container- now I am using a recycled large glass pickle jar for the knives

Auto-brewery syndrome

This has got to be the most amazing phenomena. Tell me if you think it could be true or not….

I can think for 3 recorded cases of the happening and likely many more unrecorded.

So here is the story: this guy in Texas  was pulled over and found to have a blood alcohol level above the legal limit.

He told the officer that that was impossible because he did not drink. Huh?

So he gets admitted to hospital. As an inpatient, everything he ate and drank was controlled. After several days, his blood alcohol level was still high! It turns out the bacteria in his gut was fermenting the food he ate into alcohol. He was making his own booze right in his gut. It gives a whole new meaning to “foggy brain”. Can you imagine walking around literally drunk all the time?

Another great reason to eat natural, organic whole foods and definitely, a reason to stop eating junk food and foods high in simple sugars/carbs. People who eat junk food and sugary foods have different gut bacteria than those eating healthfully. I would imagine the high sugar/carb eaters have the same types bacteria they use to brew beer. Think of the gas/flatus that you produce too.  And the bloating…

The BIG Food industry processes food with added flavors (artificial or natural) to make us addicted to their products. The idea is to make us want to buy more and eat more. Now another way we can get addicted: when we stop eating the junk, we make less alcohol, hence withdraw from alcohol and so we crave more…it is plausible isn’t it?

Junk food potentially can make you not only physically sick but also intellectually dampened. You can’t be performing at your peak abilities when you are drunk. I am sure your IQ goes up when the quality of your eating goes up.

Not sure if this Auto-brewery is defensible in court for DUI. Driving when you are inebriated with what ever is your substance of choice is deplorable. Please remember to be responsible and take a taxi/Uber/Lyft. and coming soon self drive cars.

Quote of today:

Organic foods: Better for you, Better for the farmers, Better for the Planet

And Quotes for tomorrow: Organics more expensive but just eat less. The cost to the environment: priceless.