Happy Box

During this Covid19 shelter in place pandemic, I had the time to clean up my house. I found 3 boxes of things I kept from my childhood.

While going thru my memorabilia, it occurred to me there is a real possibility that I could die from Covid19. Looking at all my stuff, I asked “What are the really important things in my life?”.

All of the material goods and money became meaningless.

I did a Marie Kondo and purged a lot of junk from my life. It is rather satisfying.

Then I created a box I call my Happy Box. In this box I put the things that make me happy. Things that put a smile on my face. They are mostly photos, letters, cards, and kids’ art work. Reminder of happy times.

I can go to this Happy Box whenever I need to cheer myself up.

How to make a good Happy Box? Look for a box with an attached lid that is large enough to fit a sheet of paper and small enough to fit on your lap comfortability. Large shoe boxes are ideal. Then fill it with joy.

Large Shoe Box for a Happy Box

In the end, all that you can take with you is what is in your heart. Make it a good one.

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