Easy Vegan Dinner #2

This dinner takes about 10 mins to make.IMG_3037

Needs to get these ingredients together from Trader Joe’s and some basics from Costco.

Prepare Carrots as per package but bake convection oven at 400deg for about 8 mins to brown carrots. Then Microwave covered for about 2 minute to soften (depends on wattage of your microwave). Salt and Pepper optional.

Then for stir fry –

Add to frying pan, olive oil, garlic, ginger, stir a little and add veggies, and sliced sausage. Keep on medium – low heat, stirring as needed to prevent from burning.

Meanwhile in microwave heat up rice and use Coconut Aminos to season to taste.

2 thoughts on “Easy Vegan Dinner #2”

  1. How’s the Herb Rice? Herby? Is that TJs?
    I find my old rice cooker gets my rice and other grains cooked pretty quick so I’m not inclined to buy the already cooked rice products.
    I like combo rice products like “ancient grains” or different other mixed grains with quinoas. I don’t like quinoa alone.
    TJs has nice fresh peas and cooked lentils that I can easily add to a rice dish and get some added protein that I’m afraid I’m not keeping up with since going vegan.


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