California Recycling Pays

Getting kids involved with recycling has so many positives.

  1. Environmental awareness. The future of the planet is in their hands.
  2. The responsibility of a job.
  3. Appreciate the value of money.
  4. Interacting with the public as a business person. It’s equivalent to a “paper route”. Years ago, kids would go door to door delivering newspapers to their neighbors. Now our kids can potentially collect bottles from their neighbors, businesses in the neighborhood, etc
  5. They could donate the money they raise to a local charity or earn some spending money.

The California Refund Value bottles are worth in California  5 to 10 cents. Five cents for under 24 oz size and 10 cents for bottles greater than 24 oz. Although I have not found this to be consistent. Some of the bigger bottles (>24 oz) have CRV of 5 cents. This means you deposited 5 cents when you bought them, but since they are bigger and heavier, you receive more back for that 5 cent spent when you return them by weight.

Here is summary of our most recent transaction at Nexcycle Recycling Center.

We had 27 Aluminum cans: deposited 27  x 5 cents =  $1.35  -> Received $1.76

We had 62 Plastic bottles: deposited 61 x 5 cents =  $3.05  ->Received $6.40

We had 54 Glass bottles: deposited 54 x 5cents =  $2.70  -> Received $3.16

Please keep the bottle tops on. They need to be recycled too. Animals can choke on the caps. Additionally,  the caps add to weight of the bottles so you get a little more money ;).

Generic glass and plastic bottles have a value too. Much less but worth it.

See below for the Price per pound. These prices are set by the State.

Happy Recycling!





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