Auto-Brewery Syndrome: Your Gut Making Its Own Booze

This has got to be the most amazing phenomena. Tell me if you think it could be true or not….

I can think for 3 recorded cases of the happening and likely many more unrecorded.

So here is the story: this guy in Texas  was pulled over and found to have a blood alcohol level above the legal limit.

He told the officer that that was impossible because he did not drink. Huh?

So he gets admitted to hospital. As an inpatient, everything he ate and drank was controlled. After several days, his blood alcohol level was still high! It turns out the bacteria in his gut was fermenting the food he ate into alcohol. He was making his own booze right in his gut. It gives a whole new meaning to “foggy brain”. Can you imagine walking around literally drunk all the time?

Another great reason to eat natural, organic whole foods and definitely, a reason to stop eating junk food and foods high in simple sugars/carbs. People who eat junk food and sugary foods have different gut bacteria than those eating healthfully. I would imagine the high sugar/carb eaters have the same types bacteria they use to brew beer. Think of the gas/flatus that you produce too.  And the bloating…

The BIG Food industry processes food with added flavors (artificial or natural) to make us addicted to their products. The idea is to make us want to buy more and eat more. Now another way we can get addicted: when we stop eating the junk, we make less alcohol, hence withdraw from alcohol and so we crave more…it is plausible isn’t it?

Junk food potentially can make you not only physically sick but also intellectually dampened. You can’t be performing at your peak abilities when you are drunk. I am sure your IQ goes up when the quality of your eating goes up.

Not sure if this Auto-brewery is defensible in court for DUI. Driving when you are inebriated with what ever is your substance of choice is deplorable. Please remember to be responsible and take a taxi/Uber/Lyft. and coming soon self drive cars.

Quote of today:

Organic foods: Better for you, Better for the farmers, Better for the Planet

And Quotes for tomorrow: Organics more expensive but just eat less. The cost to the environment: priceless.


1 thought on “Auto-Brewery Syndrome: Your Gut Making Its Own Booze”

  1. Another thought-provoking and insightful post, Dr. Elaine. Your wise words will no doubt positively impact all those who come across this healthy lifestyle blog!


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