Super Quick Lunches

The balance between a healthy Vegan lunch and the rush to get out of the house before 6am to beat the traffic. This is easy. You will need some ceramic or glass containers. A Trader Joe’s helps…

My base is some pre washed organic dark greens, frozen Vegan bean/grain mixture (see below), top with Coco Amnios, favorite hot sauce, pickled beets or Olive tapenade.  I warm it up in microwave at work. Yummy.

It’s not peas that you are seeing but Green Garbanzo Beans.

Here are the package photos:

Hope you can see the ingredients by zooming in. Otherwise contact me for more details.

Let me know if you like it 🙂

2 thoughts on “Super Quick Lunches”

  1. I bought all of them last night. Had the Japanese fried rice. I liked it. Honestly, I added soy sauce. Maybe I shouldn’t have. I like it. I didn’t taste it before adding the ss. I didn’t want to be disappointed. I anticipated that it would not please my palate. I know, I should taste before adding.
    I made a miso soup with TJs Miso Ginger broth and added their sprouted tofu cubed. I added their Umami paste because the ginger flavor seemed to over power the miso broth and it didn’t come through fresh. I didn’t have the green onions I wanted to add to it.


    1. Hi Mercedes – thank you so much for your comments. I would try Coco Amnios instead of soy sauce next. Just for something different but as delicious. TJ carries Coco Amnios. Miso also tastes great with some seaweed and definitely green onions. You can make fresh Miso soup by buying organic miso paste. Japanese add Paste to some fish broth but you can use Vegetable broth too. Best to add the paste to warm water and stir well. Too hot will destroy the probiotic benefits. I will post a pix of the paste later. 🙂


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