Teriyaki Tofu, Brown Rice and Kale

This is the easiest dish to make. It has a complete protein- whole grain and legume.





This is the easiest dinner (but you need to live near a Costco and Trader Joe’s (TJ)).

Cut Tofu into 1cm thick squares. Put some Coconut oil into a non stick ceramic frying pan and heat to medium heat. Then add a single layer of Tofu. Sprinkle some TJ Island Soyaki sauce (or your favorite Teriyaki sauce) on top of tofu. Brown- takes about 4 minutes each side. Meanwhile put Brown rice into a glass dish and microwave as per directions. Stir.

Flip over tofu. Cut Nori seaweed into 1×1/4 inch pieces (you can get these already cut to this size in Asian markets). Mix into or sprinkle on top of Rice mixture. Serve immediately if you want seaweed to crunch.

Optional sprinkle with nuts. Sauerkraut on the side.

Bon Appetite.



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