Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

These Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans are great as part of a healthful breakfast. esp if you need some caffeine. The sweeteners are not artificial but made from Stevia and ErythritolPlease avoid artificial sweeteners. They are really bad for your health.

Here are the ingredients. I bought them from Vitacost.com. Vitacost always seem to have  some sort of coupon / discount thing. If you have the time, just wait, a coupon always seem to come in my email.

Organic Whole Coffee Beans and Lily’s Sugar Free 70% dark chocolate,


You will need these things (make sure bowl is microwavable):


Breakup the chocolate into pieces.


Microwave time will depend on your microwave. Mine was about 1 minute. The chocolate should not be completely melted. Better to just partially melt it. Once heated enough, stirring it will cause rest of chocolate to melt.


I added about 1 cup of roasted organic coffee beans. Please note coffee is in the list of top ten foods to buy organic because of the high pesticide residue in the conventional grown beans. Fair Trade Practices label is a plus too.


Pour these beans into the melted chocolate and mix until all the beans are well coated.


Then use a spoon and fork to spread then out onto sheet of non petroleum based wax paper.


When cooled break into pieces and Viola:



It is a little bitter. You can mix it w some organic dried berries like Goji Berries.


This is my Goji Plant. I had to resurrect it. The leaves has been eaten by garden snails and abused by my dog. It is now in the corner on a pedestal where I have to hand water it. If it does well I should get about 5 berries (haha).

When I was a child, we use to have the berries and leaves in a simple broth soup. I found this link: http://www.thechinesesouplady.com/wolfberry-leaves/


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