Coping with anxiety

Anxiety can stem from feeling things are out of your control, events happening around you that you have no influence to make it better….you know stuff like that.

One way to cope is to reframe it. Make it something funny like SNL. It’s like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It’s like training for a sport. Practice positive reframing and that becomes part of your muscle (brain) memory and before you know it, you are always thinking on the positive side.

The opposite is true too. If you always go for the negative, the dark side, then that brain memory gets stronger and you have to be carful because then you can spiral downwards. If you are not able to do positive reframing on your own, then seek out the guidance of a professional. Like an athlete seeking the advice of a coach.

My reframing of some stressful current event – (have to also add, ignoring it is an option: Avoid the news. If it is important someone will inform you).

  1. North Korea and another war…negative actions like sanctions, threats have not worked. Maybe we could change strategies. May President T could offer them a hotel and golf course development. Maybe that is why he got into office. He is the only one who could do that. North Korea: a luxury vacation destination…has a ring to it doesn’t it? Could bring peace between our two countries. Now that is thinking outside of the box.
  2. When a bad leader brings out the worse in people. Then the worse people among us now rise to the surface and are outed. With social media we have a collective voice. The market place and social media can destroy them. It allows the swamp to be drained.
  3. They longest unguarded border in the world is between Canada and USA. You don’t see lots of Canadians crossing over illegally.  Things are pretty good for Canadians for the most part. Now why can’t we use the money we would spend on building a wall to help make Mexico a better place to live. Then like Canada if Mexico became a better place too, Mexicans won’t want to come to the USA.

Have a wonderful day people 😉

Final note: This blog is in no way meant to give any medical advice, diagnosis or treat. Everyone’s situation is different.

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