My Average work day Vegan Breakfast

My average go to breakfast (nibbled on during my morning commute):

5 pieces of dark chocolate covered expresso beans, organic superfood mix and an organic green tea latte with soy or almond milk. I add to the latter a squirt of mushroom extract.

My green tea latte is made by steeping organic green tea in a little hot water in a microwavable travel mug. Goal is 4 minutes to avoid releasing the oxalates in green tea. Oxalates can cause kidney stones.

If you want to avoid caffeine in green tea, steep for 30 seconds, then pour that water out and steep again w fresh hot water for another 3.5 minutes.

I add some soy milk or almond milk to the mug and microwave to desired temperature. Remove from microwave, then squirt in a dropper of mushroom extract.