Garbage in Garbage out

Two reasons to eat properly.

  1. To avoid excess Calories and maintain ideal your weight. Recognize what is a normal  portion size for height and ideal weight. Majority of people eat way too much. I don’t think people think about portions, they just eat until they can’t eat anymore (more about this later). Over weight/ obesity results in a lot of inflammation. I try to eat about 1500 calories a day. This amount of calorie seems to keep my weight steady.

2.  To prevent disease. The types of foods you eat can cause or prevent disease. You         can’t eat junk or processed foods and expect to feel good or be at your peak performance.

PROCESSED FOODS…HIGHLY ADDICTIVE, LOW IN NUTRIENTS…… It is incredible that stuff like this can even be called food. It’s so in our face. Relatively expensive. You don’t need to buy it, you don’t need to eat it.

                Garbage in -> Garbage out

Can you believe this shopping cart? I do see some nuts in there….



Pick up and return aisle at Target…..this stuff is killing us…


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