Why be Plant Based (Vegan)?

Some people say its so unnatural to be vegan. They look at me if I am crazy or something.

Here are my top 3 reasons to be vegan … Health, Humanity and Compassion

  1. Health – It reduces inflammation which in turn reduces many of our modern day chronic diseases
  2. Humanity – It reduces global warming as cows produce lots of methane. I saw this cartoon in the newspaper once: Think of all the hamburgers you ate through out your lifetime, and when you finally get to the pearly gates of heaven, only to discover God IS really a cow…LOL that was a cartoon I once saw.
  3. Compassion – Kindness to animals. Animals have rights. And our Planet Earth has rights. We always take from mother earth and she has always given. Now more than ever we she needs us to start nurturing her and for us to be giving back.

The difference from being Vegan, which is a lifestyle choice where no animal products are used, such as leather, down feathers etc. Plant Based diet has only to do with what you eat.

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