I recently became vegan or AKA “plant based diet”. Vegan, I guess is too hippie-ish and could turn some people off??? Anyway, it has been life changing. I wanted to share how and why I made this transition with you because it is so healthful. When I talk about this to people, many are doubtful they could make the transition. I could be like a sports coach… atta girl, you got this, you can do it… That sort of thing. But more than a sport, your life depends on it. My life depends on it.

Please note that it blog is just my opinion. I am just trying to enjoy life. This Blog is NOT at all meant to be medical advice. I have to say this disclaimer because there are people out there who are always trying to sue or litigate against us docs. So please don’t. It will ruin everything. You and everyone else out there are unique. Every situations is special and potentially complex. So if you need help with anything, you should seek out personal advice from a professional.

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

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